Discover the most enjoyable way to plan your Disney World Dining & Snacking 


disney planning quiz vault

Access 20+ quizzes to discover the best snacks, restaurants, and dining experiences for your vacation – personalized for YOU.

The perfect planning tool for the food & snack obsessed, planning lovers, and really…anyone headed to Disney World!

Quiz Vault is just $6 – less than the cost of a Mickey pretzel!

have these thoughts crossed your mind when thinking about Disney? Or food? Or DISNEY FOOD?!:

“I can’t decide! Too many choices! Ahhhh” 


“Dining plan or not? Will it save us money? Idk, seems rigid. But wait, this character meal is $55?!”


“EHRMYGOSH, do we go to Homecomin’ or Boathouse on our Disney Springs night?!”


“Which World Showcase Pavilion do we eat at? I want all the things”

But imagine the feeling of leaving your vacation and saying:

“We crushed the food and dining aspect of that trip.”

You knew and conquered the tastiest meals, snacks, and highest value dining experiences for your budget and style.

Planning snacks and dining may be the most enjoyable part of planning a Disney World vacation (or, it should be!).

Our quizzes will help you with any indecisiveness AND make this a fun process. 

Even if you’ve already decided your food situation, heck – quizzes are a blast

And quizzes are an interactive way to get new ideas, or see any hidden gem foods or dining experiences you may have missed during your research

With the Quiz Vault, you’ll get to:

Narrow down the perfect restaurants for you (and avoid the ones that would just waste your time or money)

Learn the best dining experiences tailored to YOUR personality and style (learn the best, skip the rest)

Discover the best SNACKS for you that you may not even know exist (and you can play with the quizzes as many times as you’d like to get new results!)

Figure out the perfect and specific food experiences for you in so many categories: quick-service, table-service, savory snacks, sweet snacks, and more (erase any indecisiveness that might be lingering, and start finalizing that list!)

What’s Inside the Quiz Vault:

disney quiz vault

Access to over 20+ quizzes:

✔️ Best Quick-Service Option For You at each park (four quizzes)

✔️ Best Table-Service Option For You at each park (four quizzes)

✔️ Best Savory Snack Option For You at each park (four quizzes)

✔️ Best Sweet Snack Option For You at each park (four quizzes)

✔️ Best Disney Springs Quick-Service and Table-Service Option For You (two quizzes)

✔️ Should You Do the Dining Plan or Will You Lose Money Quiz

✔️ Best Resort Signature Restaurant For You Quiz

✔️ Best Resort Character Breakfast For You Quiz

dole whips


Unlimited playing

You can take the quizzes as many times as you want – to explore more, or narrow down options. Even your other family members can jump in on the fun and feel included!

Specifically themed quizzes

Ridiculously fun quiz themes – for instance, our snack quizzes are divided into “savory” and “sweet” categories, so you get the perfect result for each.

Over 150+ snacks and restaurants to discover

There are so many food and dining experiences at Disney World – use the quizzes to uncover options you didn’t know existed.

Pure fun whether you’re bored or want a little distraction


We’ve eaten almost every snack at Disney World, and dined at nearly every restaurant.

Outside of my expertise for touring the parks and beating the lines, many followers will tell you I’m the Disney food and snack expert. I am convinced I’m on this planet for the food.

I’m here for it all too, from chicken fingers to sushi. 

And as a quiz lover myself, it seemed right to create a ridiculously affordable and interactive planning tool based around eating at Disney.

Why not?!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access?

Forever! Access to the vault is yours once purchased.

What about snacks that change?

Outside of seasonal snacks, snacks actually don’t change too often, regardless of how much they may seem to do so b/c of media buzz. Cronuts, Dole Whips, Egg Rolls, Buffalo Chips, Pongu Lumpia – these are just a few snacks that have been around for years.

You will want to keep an eye out for seasonal snacks though, because it’s fun to see what’s temporary for your vacation (and, you still have something fun to plan)! But we got you covered on every other single snack and experience, which is a lot (over 150+).

For this price, we think it’s a steal and we’re confident you’ll see the value.

Are these like, boring and generic quizzes?

Well of course not! We use dynamic technology when creating the quizzes. This software allows us to tailor your results to you and your personality based on your specific answers.

Do the quizzes account for dietary restrictions/allergies?

13 out of 21 of the quizzes give you restaurants and establishments and are relevant to everyone. However, 8 snack quizzes will give a specific result and may not work for all diets.

While the quizzes are priced low, please understand that over the years thousands have been spent to research and review snacks, restaurants, and more for this blog. Because it is not our niche and we’d have to charge a lot more, our quizzes are not tailored to a specific type of diet. 

Anything else I need to know?

Nope, but there are tons of quizzes waitin’ for ya – so enjoy our lowest priced offer and have a blast!

As much fun as it is thinking about all the snacks waiting for you at Disney, you still want to know all the things and the best options for YOU.

You don’t want to waste any money or vacay time on the boring stuff either.

The quizzes are interactive, personalized, and there are NO ads to dodge around and click out of.

Even kids can jump in on the fun! They might now understand your crazy  FastPass spreadsheets, but they can have fun with quizzes (and there’s plenty of ice cream and chicken fingers choices!)

For just $6 right now, you’ll unlock access to the Dining & Snacks edition of the WDW Planning Quiz Vault and receive:

  • Access to over 20+ quizzes

  • Quizzes themes like “Which Animal Kingdom Savory Snack is Best For You” and “What Character Breakfast is Best For You?”

  • The ability to take quizzes as many times as you want, for multiple members of your family to help narrow down options!

  • Over 150+ potential snack and restaurants to discover and move to the top of your list

  • Fun, not stressful planning – interactive, personalized, and no ads to click out of anywhere

And it’s not just a blast – The Quiz Vault is like an investment that will pay itself off with its recommendations alone – by helping you avoid things that you would have wasted money on (and leading you to only the best).

Get started today and have hours of fun planning your snacking and dining for less than the price of two soft drinks at Disney World.