This will be my last blog post of the year before I go into more rest mode during the holidays  – so why not make it a fun one? And fun, of course, means food, more food, and the food pictures that go along with it. I’m not to blame when you’re stuffing your face with cheese fries and donuts for dinner tonight.

Out of hundreds of items and thousands of dollars spent on food, here are the 13 best things I ate at Disney World this past year (in no particular order):


1. Dole Whip Raspberry & Pineapple Swirl Float – Aloha Isle, Magic Kingdom

Dole Whip Swirl Float

I had my fingers crossed for the day they introduced a Raspberry flavor to mix with the swirl, and this did not disappoint. I always say I’ll get the swirl (meaning no pineapple juice), but by the time they call “next”, I’ve convinced myself to just go for the float. Snack credit approved.


2. Cheshire Cat Tail – Cheshire Cafe, Magic Kingdom

Cheshire Cat Tail

This would have probably made the list in 2018, and it’s going to stay on it for awhile. It’s like a less glamorous (in the best way possible) chocolate croissant – but more dense, much more chocolate, and with some vanilla flavored frosting on top as well. Perfect paired with coffee in the morning and pulling off what is actually dessert for breakfast. Hey, were at Disney World. Snack credit approved.


3. Momma’s Mac & Cheese – Homecomin’, Disney Springs

Homecomin' Mac & Cheese Disney Springs

This was my #1 pick overall for best eats at WDW. In all of my travels, and my travels revolve 95% around food, this may be the best thing I’ve ever eaten, period. It does NOT skimp on flavor (or calories). Make a spontaneous pit stop here and send me a thank you postcard afterward. 


4. Fried Chicken – Homecomin’, Disney Springs

Homecomin' Fried Chicken Disney Springs

Yes, I enjoy Homecomin’. A lot. As an authentic Kentucky lady who considers Fried Chicken a food group (really – there’s tenders, nuggets, Chickfila, fingers, legs, wings…), I’m always a bit hesitant about reviews for “the best fried chicken!”. But this was solid. It was incredibly juicy, without being gross level greasy. My insider tip? You can get a piece a la carte if you don’t want to go for the whole entree, which is a lot of food.


5. Polite Pig – everything, especially the sides

Polite Pig Disney Springs

I absolutely crushed a quick-service dining plan credit here one afternoon with my food totaling $37 – and you can do the same thing. I went for the ribs, but we all know eating barbecue is truly about the sides. And picking them here is difficult folks – they have ‘em all. So yeah, you have my complete approval to be that starch-monger who gets waffle fries and mac and cheese as your two sides. I went with the Brussels and Mac and Cheese, and neither disappointed. My top quick-service pick in probably in all of Disney World at the current moment. QS credit approved.


6. Croissant Donut aka Cronut – Electric Umbrella, EPCOT

cronut epcot

A sneaky treat that likes to move locations and trick you – but can always be found at EPCOT and has had a home there for years now. It’s cinnamon sugar-based and man, is it deeee-li-cious. Soft yet flaky layers that overall deliver an amazing crunch with each bite, I haven’t eaten a pastry like this anywhere else before. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a warm one. Snack credit approved.


7. Burger – Three Bridges Bar & Grill, Coronado Springs

three bridges bar & grill coronado springs review

This was probably my second favorite savory eat I had this year (Homecomin’ Mac & Cheese being the first). I headed to this newer Coronado Springs outdoor establishment after a long work morning at Hollywood Studios for a beer and a bite, and the bartender talked me into the burger. And I could have kissed him for it. It was delightful and tasted so unique for looking like a standard burger. This was one of those meals you appreciate so much – because it’s simple but done incredibly well. And without the high price too.


8. Fried Endorian Tip Yip Chicken – Docking Bay 7, Hollywood Studios

fried endorian tip yip review

I was a bit hesitant to put this on the list because I don’t have provocative dreams about it like I do the other foods on this list. And, my sister and sidekick thought it was just OK. But for quick-service theme park food, it really wow-ed me. And again – fried chicken! The sauce and combo of mashed potato and chicken were just unexpected and I really liked it. It’s also one of the best uses of a quick-service credit compared to every other option at Hollywood Studios right now (and really any QS park establishment, period). 


9. Baked Mac and Cheese with Pulled Pork – Flame Tree BBQ, Animal Kingdom 

photo courtesy of DisneyParksBlog

Yes, Mac & Cheese again. Because NO EXPLANATION NEEDED. Hold the coleslaw, but I love this option as a meal at Animal Kingdom. I find Satuli Canteen a bit overrated (TBH it’s probably because it’s pretty healthy and that’s no fun at Disney at least not the first few days), so I head here for my cheese fix. And this is the best type of baked mac – not the dry rubbish your Aunt Carol made you eat at family gatherings as a child – but the gooey, cheese pulls type of baked mac. Ymmm.


10. Joffrey’s Donut – all four parks and then some

joffrey's donut

An oldie but goodie that will likely remain on the list year after year. Even Amy really isn’t a fan of this type of donut, but she loves it. 


11. Blue Cheese Burger – Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, Hollywood Studios

sci-fi dine-in burger

Not the best photo, because it’s the most surprising item I’m putting on the list and I wasn’t concerned with taking a picture (it’s really dark in there!). Sci-Fi is known for atmosphere, not food – but I had heard they upped their burger game this past year. I am able to validate this theory, and happily. I specifically ordered the blue cheeseburger, and it looked and tasted like one of those fancy craft burgers you get at your local brewery. They got major bonus points as well for the bun being thick and toasty, and the burger actually being cooked medium-rare as I asked (I was super impressed Disney pulled through on this). 


12. Buffalo Chicken Chips – Trilo-Bites Cart, Animal Kingdom

buffalo chicken chips animal kingdom

A unique offering outside of Dinoland USA in Animal Kingdom – not quite a snack but not quite a meal – and quite the random idea. But folks, it comes together well. And it’s just a fun eat. 


13. Mickey Pretzel – all four parks and then some

Yes, save the most boring for last, but you all know how much I love pretzels. They are my favorite anytime Disney food. I have them for breakfast. Late-night food. Snack when getting hangry and unable to decide on an actual meal. Lunch replacement on a 95 degree when the earth-shattering miracle of my appetite being low is occurring. And pair it with that fake tangy cheese (fun fact: there’s no actual cheese in that dip – I sh*t you not) and I have a strong argument that it may be the happiest and most versatile food offering at Walt Disney World. Snack credit approved, always.


Lucky for you, dear reader, none of these are seasonal treats – and they’ll hopefully stick around for us to stuff our faces in 2020. Let me know what your favorite eat was this year in the parks, or what you’re just drooling over. Happy Holidays you guys!

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