Disney Springs Mac and Cheese crawl, yes. You read it right. This was quite the fun post to write and more importantly, to research. 

I love cheese and find it to be a likely part of the meaning of my existence. If you’re here, you probably do too. This means you also understand that eating delicious mac and cheese is one of the better experiences in life.

And where are some of the best Mac and Cheeses at Disney World? Disney Springs.

This post goes over everything you need to know to plan your Mac and Cheese crawl (or challenge, as some would say). Don’t say I never gave you a good idea for your Disney break day. 

Let’s start with the best one, and my #1 food that I’ve ever experienced anywhere (and I eat a lot).


1. Homecomin’ Mac and Cheese


Homecomin' Mac & Cheese Disney Springs

 Yes, this is the best eating experience I’ve ever had in my life. And I’ve traveled the world, eaten almost everywhere in the US and Disney, and this was it. And I’m quite the critic. If you’re feeling stressed, all of your problems will stop (temporarily) while eating this. Make it a priority.

What you need to know: Homecomin’ is a table service restaurant and a busy one, so this stop isn’t as easy as some of the other picks on here. But there’s a huge bar with walk-in seating that’s often quite open, or you could even get it to go. I’ve never done the latter and it probably won’t be as enjoyable without the full presentation, but I bet it’s still gonna taste pretty good.


2. Polite Pig Mac and Cheese

Polite Pig mac and cheese

Super, ridiculously tasty. Thick but still gooey and creamy. Have it as a side with your barbecue meal, or just grab the Mac and Cheese on it’s own. Better yet, sit at the outdoor bar and order a cold draft beer and two sides of Mac and Cheese. And call me if you do this, I want to be best friends.

What you need to know: Polite Pig is a quick-service restaurant specializing in BBQ, making this an easy stop. It’s also pretty central in Disney Springs, so not too bad of a walk if you find yourself at one of the further ends of the area. Don’t forget to pair your mac with a cold craft brew or bourbon – you can walk around with your drinks on the way to your next stop.


3. Disney Food Trucks Mac and Cheese(s)

disney springs food truck mac and cheese

Disney Springs has food trucks, and one of them offers five different varieties of mac and cheese (pictured above is the Six-Cheese Crunchy Macaroni & Cheese). Other Mac and Cheese flavors/toppings include Barbecue Brisket, Bacon Cheeseburger, Lobster and Shrimp, and Chicken Parmesan. I’m a classic girl, but almost all get rave reviews. See the deets here.

What to know: the Food Trucks typically open starting at 5 pm, which means this won’t be an option during the daytime hours. Boo!


4. The Boathouse Mac and Cheese

boathouse mac and cheese

One of the more unique macs on the list. First, it’s a much bigger portion than most of the others. Although this is technically a side dish at the Boathouse, it is enough for a meal. And, it’s shell pasta! I’m a traditional elbow girl myself, but I’ll take anything if it’s done right. This isn’t as gooey as the first three on the list, but it’s gooood. If you’re heading to The Boathouse, it’s a must as a side dish.

What to know: The Boathouse is also a busy table-service restaurant. You’ll need an ADR (check on Open Table too), or try to get a walk-up spot at one of the three bars. Go right at the hostess stand and towards the back for the more hidden bar where there is often more seating than the main or outdoor one.


5. Chicken Guy! Mac and Cheese

chicken guy mac and cheese

This dish was the loser out of all five included. Bear with me, I’ve included it for a reason (add a caveat).

I ordered the standard side dish pictured above. It was pretty dry and not creamy at all. Besides the seasoning which added some flavor and crunch, I wouldn’t order it again.

However, some people do not like a creamy/ooey gooey mac and cheese (don’t ask me about these people). So I’m including this as an option for those, and a warning for the other normal people. There’s also a “loaded” option that comes with fried chicken on top, and while I didn’t try it, the pictures seem to be more promising.

What to know: an easy stop if you are doing a quick-service Mac and Cheese crawl. And want a drier, more boring mac and cheese.


6. Earl of Sandwich Mac and Cheese

There is a mac and cheese side at Earl of Sandwich on the far end of Disney Springs in the Marketplace. We didn’t try it, but after we published this post, a lovely reader Kathy sent me a pic and let me know how delicious it was. Looks pretty good to me.

earl of sandwich mac and cheese

That’s a wrap on our Mac and Cheese crawl recommendations at Disney Springs. Don’t forget that my #1 recommended food in ALL of Disney World is that Homecomin’ Mac and Cheese. I promise it’s worth it!

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