Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Building Review

In the name of research, I “forced” (I know) my husband to build a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop on our November Disney trip. This time when I say research, I mean it. It’s an expensive experience at $200+ and there have been a lot of questions in the Facebook group on “is it worth it?”. Most readers follow the blog and purchase our products because they appreciate the honest and no-BS advice I give on everything Disney. So we splurged for the sake of this opinion piece. Ya welcome.

What to know about this post: it’s shorter so you can get a quick perspective and then make a decision for yourself (which you should do!). I do not include pictures or go into detail on any spoilers. While we don’t give a rave review, it’s still a fun experience and it should be yours to have if you choose to do so. For this reason, I don’t share specific details of the actual experience below. If you want some spoilers, pictures, or a more favorable opinion and a much more well-written perspective, check out Tom Bricker’s post here. He’s a great writer and has a lot of intellect and humor in his reviews, which I appreciate.

And don’t forget – I’m not writing in the sense of “good vs. bad”. I’m writing in the sense of was the value there for the price ($200). This is analogous to, say, reviewing a Disney Deluxe resort – I think they’re incredible, but at $400+ per night for some, the value isn’t always there.


Our thoughts on Savi’s Workshop:

My husband Chad is the big Star Wars fan, so he was the builder and I was the observer. After reviewing our thoughts too many times, we ended up having the same opinions and ratings on the experience.

Overall experience rating: 4.5/10

Actual lightsaber (object) rating: 7.5/10

This surprised us because we went in thinking we’d be paying more for the overall experience vs the lightsaber. We walked out feeling the opposite.

Chad: “My biggest disappointment was that Disney usually does such a good job with queues and the story-telling leading up things – and they didn’t do that. You just waited outside for a long time with nothing happening, and then went in and it started. There was a way to make it much more in-depth and they didn’t. They could have done it way better. The overall experience was kind of weak for the amount of money.

I also wish there was more information and a history of the actual lightsaber you’d be building. If I hadn’t read stuff online beforehand, I would have been even more disappointed (because they didn’t explain anything).

The pluses were that our specific cast member was excellent and told the story well. The lightsaber itself is awesome and I’ll happily keep it forever.”

Unusually, I can say I agree with my husband 100% on this. I will add that I felt the experience was pretty rushed, and that’s aggravating when you’re forking over $200+ on something. 

Nothing was specifically bad about the experience – it’s that they could have done it way better and knowingly skipped the opportunity. 


Final thoughts

Should you do the experience if you’re on the fence? If you have diehard Star Wars fans and the $200 isn’t a huge hit for you, I say go for it. Especially if these fans are younger kids that play with toys. The lightsaber is pretty cool – much nicer than I expected. I’d be thrilled to own it if I was a kiddo.

If you were planning to go for the experience factor, eh. This is one of the experiences where Disney failed to deliver, in my opinion. I didn’t have that high of expectations either. I just expected something epic to happen at one point, but nothing did. We didn’t walk out with anything we felt made a lasting memory – the way many other Disney experiences are. Disney does SUCH a good job with the experiential side of things. You could even say this is really what Disney is all about, the details in the experienced. So we were upset that one of the more costly experiences underdelivered.

If you do sign up for Savi’s Workshop, my advice is to use your extra time at check-in to speak to the cast members. Don’t let them rush you when picking the lightsaber, or when building it. Ask questions and get the details on the type of lightsaber you’ll be building – and maybe even take a look at the page on Disney’s website to read the details.

And we did choose to ship ours, which cost $18 and took just five minutes at another gift shop in Galaxy’s Edge.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and perspective – I’m sure every experience is a little bit different!