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From April through September…and even October can prove to be… well… super freaking hot in Orlando. 

To fight the heat, I prefer a combination of high water intake and good, inexpensive, nontoxic sunscreen – that’s it. A spray bottle can be super refreshing, but you have to keep putting ice in it to keep it cool (and you’ve got to have room to store it – either in your bag or on your body).

Here are our best items to help deal with the heat and rain in Orlando – favorites of ours and readers alike – that can easily be purchased on Amazon:

Added: MASKS! I’m trying multiple. I’ve purchased these neck gaiters with the sweat-wicking/cooling material (make sure you get the ones with ear loops) as well as disposable masks. The disposable kind is definitely lightest and easiest, but more wasteful. People LOVE the gaiters, and they are easy and cool, but they do cling tight around the mouth area, which I personally find a bit awkward.

our pick


moisture-wicking bike shorts – high waist w/side pockets

For all of my ladies like me who are also rockin’ thighs that touch. These are my favorite – and, pockets. They’re my everyday wear in the summer.

Spray Bottle

our pick

Misting Water Bottle on Amazon

Here is my favorite spray bottle because you need to get one with a wide mouth so that ice can easily fit in it. 95% of people make the mistake of getting one that can only be filled with water.

This is a good, BPA-free bottle and you can even double its use as a water bottle. It doesn’t have a fan, but I promise that circulating hot air in your face really isn’t going to help much anyway.

Cooling Towels

our pick

Sukeen Cooling Towels (4 PACK) on Amazon

Some love them, some don’t care for them. Cooling towels are a good addition for those who majorly dislike the heat or have issues with it. 

This four pack is our pick – affordable but high quality, and they even come with clips to attach to bags/strollers so it’s not another thing taking up room in our bag.

sun protection hat

our pick

Wide brim sun hat w/lanyard

This one looks super cute on almost all ladies and gets two thumbs up for saving us from having to do our hair that day. Heyo!


our pick

Eco-friendly, reusable poncho w/hood and sleeves

Because if it’s hot in Florida, it’s going to rain at some point.

My advice after years of Disney rain: get a durable, long, and reusable one. It gives you great coverage, you can reuse it in the future, and you reduce the amount of nasty plastic heading to the ocean. Go you!

non-toxic sunscreen

our pick


Alba Botanic Sunscreen

I will eat a pack of Starburst for breakfast but I freak out about toxins on my skin. Did you know oxybenzone and other common active ingredients in many sunscreens can cause major hormone issues to the female systems? No thanks.

Here is my top pick for an affordable but safe sunscreen.


That’s a wrap for my top products – as a self-proclaimed “almost minimalist”, I don’t want to go overboard and convince you to buy anything that you don’t truly need. Stay safe and hydrated in the heat, friends!

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