Enchanted Rose Lounge

Always has been somewhat controversial, whether you’re trying to go to a lounge like Enchanted Rose at Grand Floridian, or just grab some quick service/take a park break and check out the resort digs.

**if you just want to know what to say at a resort gate to get in, scroll down to option B*”

You can almost always resort hop and do these things if you’re using Disney transportation on property. There is no gate or anything to question you, and they generally welcome it ($$$).

But what about arriving in a rideshare or your own vehicle?

If you missed my IG Stories the other day, I Ubered to the (vry dead) Grand Floridian and asked about this. The security guard at the gate didn’t seem well versed on policy, but said “yeah just state you want to come to “XYZ” and there’s no way to book an ADR”.

Ok 😑  I think this would be one of those situations where it depends on: A. who is working B. their mood for the day

I then asked multiple more cast members inside the resort. One was the front desk manager, he stated: “absolutely, just say at the gate you want to come to the Enchanted Rose/XYZ”.

The manager and bartender at Enchanted Rose then basically told me, “f*** yeah they need to let you in, tell them we said so”. lol.

Sooo. My advice if you’re wanting to resort hop is to:

A. Come via Disney Transport where there’s no chance they’ll turn you down.

if not,

B. Arrive in a vehicle through the resort gates BUT have a specific statement with location and intention to get you in, and note you’ll be leaving eventually, ex. “Hi there, we’re here to visit XYZ for a few hours before we head to Disney Springs and were told to just state this at the gate since we technically cannot make a reservation at XYZ.”

OK? Hope this helps. 😍