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The Insider’s Digital Strategy Playbook to Walt Disney World makes it easy to experience your most magical Disney vacation yet.

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“Wow… planning a trip to Walt Disney World is a LOT more complicated than I thought!”

It’s something you find yourself thinking at least once a day. Why did no one warn you that taking your kids to see a talking mouse and a pretty castle would feel like so much work?

Instead, everyone keeps telling you that going on a Disney vacation will be “fun” and “totally magical.”

“You’ll get to experience awesome rides, fireworks, princesses, and five-star food. Plus, you’ll make special memories that will last a lifetime!” they say.

But they aren’t the ones sitting at the computer at 1:00 AM with 14 tabs open, trying to research the best WDW resorts while setting up calendar alerts for 7:00 AM at 30, 60, and 90 days before your arrival in Orlando, are they?

sarcastic cartoon wendy smiling with words internally screaming

Let’s face it: planning a vacation to Walt Disney World is COMPLEX, and that’s true whether you’re a first-time Disney-goer or you’re trying to wrap your head around everything that’s changed since 2020. 

(Yup, even if you were a total Disney pro before the pandemic hit, everything has changed.)


“So there is…Early Entry…Rope Drop…Genie… Genie+…Lightning Lanes…GAHHH! What do I need to actually KNOW with all of this stuff?

“When am I supposed to make dining reservations? What if I try and still can’t get into the restaurants my kids are most excited about?

“Um, virtual queues? How do they work, and how do we make sure we get to ride the rides we want?

      And the million-dollar question:

      How do we fit it all in while doing it right and staying out of long lines?


      :spoiler alert: data-driven, expert strategy::

      Well, we have good news:

      your vacation doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or confusing.

      wish upon a planner review

      Basically, you want to do ALL the fun Disney things,

      and you want everyone to have a great time.
      We get it.

      and you absolutely can:

      slinky dog coaster going downhill

      Ride everything on your wishlistyes, even Rise of the Resistance, Slinky Dog Dash, and Flight of Passage —  with the shortest wait times possible

      Figure out the secrets to getting those sought-after dining reservations you thought you were going to miss out on… and get the scoop on where to get the best meals and snacks without even having to make a reservation

      Spend your vacation actually enjoying Disney World instead of alternating between staring at a map, checking the time, and trying to get your kids to walk just a little faster

      Have a ton of fun and feel like you definitely got your money’s worth by the end of your trip (instead of spending the whole time feeling rushed, stressed, and like you might as well just set your bank account on fire)

      If you’re thinking “Well, that all sounds amazing, but it’s also totally impossible, soo…” then we’re here to tell you three things:

      1. It IS possible – you just need the right info, tools, strategy, and expert advice.

      2. If you’re reading this, you’re already WAY ahead of everyone else.

      3. You’re in exactly the right place.

      Despite there being approximately 37 kabillion bits of Disney World info on ye olde Google, there’s still so much that the vast majority of vacationers get wrong, like…

      “You mean we can’t just show up at a Disney park, pay for Genie+, go in, eat wherever we want, and ride all the rides?”

      Unfortunately, nope! It might’ve been that way when WDW first opened in the 1970s, but now, Walt Disney World is very much not the type of place where you can just show up without a plan. Like, right now, you need to make a reservation ahead of time just to get into one of Disney’s theme parks. 🤯

      “There is SO MUCH MORE to this than I realized, and I just don’t have an extra 60 hours a week to devote to learning about Disney stuff.”

      We get it, and that’s exactly why we’re here! We recommend pouring a cup of tea (or glass of wine if you’re like us) and going through the strategies—it takes most an hour or less to get pro-level.

      “Standing in line for 8 hours in the Florida heat and humidity is just an unavoidable part of the Disney experience, isn’t it?”

      True, that’s what most people who go to WDW end up experiencing. That doesn’t mean that YOU have to, though.

      “Incorporating ‘strategy’ into my Disney vacation planning isn’t going to have me waking up at 4:00 AM, yelling at my kids to get a move on, and sprinting across the park all day long just to save 5 minutes here and there, is it?”

      Absolutely not! That doesn’t sound like much of a vacation to us, and it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, either. The whole point behind having a great strategy is being able to do Disney in the way that works best for YOU and YOUR GROUP so you can save time, money, and anguish – no pre-dawn wakeup calls or rigid scheduling necessary.

      “This was the best money we spent for our trip last week—we barely waited in lines at all.”


      The Insider’s Strategy Bundle To Walt Disney World

      product visual of Disney Strategy Bundle

      It’s everything you need – think videos, screenshares, tutorials, PDFs, checklists, calculators, and more – to avoid long lines, figure out htf to use Genie+, get the dining reservations you WANT, beat the crowds, wrap your head around Disney transportation, know what to ask for to get the best room ever, and stay-up-date with the latest insider info. 

      Better yet? It’s perfectly organized, all in one place… and if you’re short on time, you can get through most of the good stuff in under an hour, or just print the Cheatsheets & Play Cards and ride. 😎

      Perfect For:

      Families  •  Adults Only  •  First-timers  •  Seasoned Pros  •  AP and DVC

      …all ages, sizes and abilities who are heading to Walt Disney World®!

      Get the bundle. Learn the strategies. Use the cheatsheets.

      Either way, show your vacation who’s boss.

      ♥ 30-day money-back guarantee

      insider's guide to wdw review

      Unlock the “you don’t know what you don’t know” pro secrets to skip the long lines, get all those dining reservations, and enjoy the most strategic, memory-makin’ Disney vacation ever.

      Tried and Tested Disney Expertise You Can (Literally) Count On

      Ali Wigle is the founder of Wish Upon a Planner and creator of The Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle to WDW (and the previous “Line Hacks”).

      Her specialty? Using her love of numbers and data to analyze crowd patterns, wait times, and pricing trends to show her community members how to plan more efficient, stress-free Disney visits.

      Each year, her strategies help more than 20,000+ people skip long lines, get the most value for their dollars spent, and experience the Walt Disney World vacations of their dreams (and don’t worry – that’s still just .0002% of annual visitors!).

      our approach is a little different.

      First, we develop strategies based on actual data. From there, we present that information in the clearest, most useful format for that particular item — whether it be text, flowchart, or video tutorial.

      What does that mean for you?

      ⭐  Our information comes from mathematical-based research and experiencing the parks as tourists (just like you!) — not through attending carefully curated media events or being a local.

      ⭐  You always get the most up-to-date information. Disney World is a place of constant change with openings, closings, and refurbishments, so we’re forever testing and re-evaluating everything.

      One more thing:

      You won’t find any unnecessary filler or fluff in here. We’re here to show you the best, no-nonsense strategies for having a successful vacation – like how to get that Beaches & Cream reservation you missed – not the latest change in sign or trash can color 🤦‍♀️

      Yes, we love Disney… but we also love being smart consumers, and you can always count on our team to give it to you straight. No bias. No nonsense.

      what’s inside

      Park Flowcharts. PDF Cheatsheets. Genie+ Itineraries. Video tutorials. Checklists. Park Play Cards. And more.

      It’s truly everything you need to plan your most magical Disney vacation ever, all in one convenient place.

      Here’s everything you get inside:

      display of park planning modules

      Module 1: How to Beat the Lines (Parks PhD style)

      A not-so-fun fact: on any given day, a huge percentage of Disney-goers will spend most of their waking hours waiting in line – yes, even the WDW pros, super planners, and rope-droppers! Whomp whomp.

      How is that possible? Well, a lot of it comes down to the timing, order, and overall strategy you use to approach each day. 

      That’s why, in this module, you’ll find everything you need to reduce your wait times as much as possible. Nobody wants to spend upwards of $100 per day, per person just to stand in line, right!? Plus, less time spent standing in line = less cranky kids = less cranky spouses = more time to have FUN and do Very Important Disney Stuff (like throwing Dole Whips down yer gullet).

      Another cool part? Each section offers a combo of text and video, and most take only 5 – 10 minutes to get through… so even if you’re pressed for time (or, um, arriving at Disney World tomorrow), you can still get the good stuff!

      Touring Plans + Must-Knows for…

      Early Entry and Rope Drop: What’s the difference, what should you choose, and when (and how!) should you arrive?

      Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane – Oh My!: Making sense of it all, FAQ, and how to choose the best option for your group

      Strategies for Lightning Lane: Not looking to pay extra $$$? Get our best strategies for riding everything on standby – with minimal wait times – right here

      Primers for All Four WDW Parks: Whether you’re riding standby or going the Genie+ route, these primers provide strategies for everything you’ll need, including tips and strategies for early entry, end of the night, experiencing the hottest attractions, when to avoid certain areas, and how to strategically plan out your rides and days.

      Flowcharts to help you decide exactly how to go about your morning park strategy

      Module 2: Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course

      If you’re wondering what the heck Genie+ is all about, how to get started, and the best way to make this brand-new (and kind of confusing, tbh!) service designed to offer “even more convenience and flexibility” actually work for your group, this module is exactly what you need.

      In fact, Genie+ Strategy and Mastery is a whole lot more than just a standard module – think of it as its own mini course! It’s packed with step-by-step videos, screenshare tutorials, and everything you need to know to plan exactly what you’ll be doing the minute you hit the parks, including all of the following lessons:


      • Overview: How to Use Genie+
      • The RIGHT Way: How to Properly Set Up Genie(+
      • Optimizing Your Tip Board + Setup
      • How to Juggle Multiple Priorities
      • Must-Know Tech Tips & Tricks
      • Understanding the “Rules”
      • The Best Strategy For Using Genie+
      • Advanced Strategy: The Targeted Refresh Hack
      • Stacking 101: Everything You Need to Know
      • Stacking 201: Best Practices
      • PDFs: Genie+ Triage Cheatsheets

      Module 3: Dining Hacks Course

      You know how Walt Disney World is full of magical, omg-I-can’t-believe-this-is-real theming? The dining part is no exception! Where else can you eat waffles with Mickey Mouse, have lunch in space, grab a snack next to a dinosaur, and wrap up the day with dinner in a castle?

      BUT. If you want to be able to get into the best restaurants and not spend your entire vacation hot, hangry, and waiting in neverending lines, there’s a lot you need to know, like:

      Figure out Disney’s whole Advance Dining Reservations (ADR) system, calculate whether the Disney Dining Plan is right for you, decide where you want to go, set your alarms accordingly, and hope you can actually get a reservation (because the only problem with those super-cool restaurants: everyone wants to go to them!).

      So… how can you make sure you’re picking restaurants that are a good value, actually getting reservations at the restaurants you want to experience (yes, even the ultra-popular ones!), and not wasting a ton of money on expensive, not-so-great theme park food? 

      (Because no one wants you to get on the plane to go back to Ohio and realize you forgot to experience the joy that is a Carrot Cake Cookie, ok!?)

      This module right here! You’ll learn how to get every reservation you want, eat only the best, and skip the rest.

      The Dining Hacks Course includes:

      • The 26/8 Method: Our secret to getting ANY Disney dining reservation you want (for real!)
      • Triage Booking 101: Tips and hacks to help you get the restaurants you want when your dining reservation booking window opens
      • Mobile Order Tips & Tricks: To help you make the most of Mobile Ordering so you can save time, avoid lines, and get exactly what you want
      • Disney Springs Reservation Hacks: Yup, getting a reservation at Disney Springs is a little different than getting one in the parks… and it even varies from restaurant to restaurant! Here, you’ll find everything you need to make booking your Disney Springs dining reservations fast, simple, and stress-free
      • Dining Alerts Software: Reader Favorites

      Module 4: Park Play Cards + Itinerary Bundle

      Ready to experience each WDW park with your own data-backed, smart-yet-flexible touring plan!?

      Here’s where you’ll find our proven strategies for approaching attractions and touring in the right order so that you’re either walking on or spending no more than 20 minutes waiting in line whenever possible.

      All of the plans and itineraries in this module are optimized for the shortest wait times and then further tweaked to minimize excessive backtracking… because who wants to walk an extra 5 miles a day in the Florida heat and/or rain if you don’t have to?

      • Standby park plans and proven itineraries for all 4 parks, including:
        • Magic Kingdom
        • Epcot
        • Hollywood Studios
        • Animal Kingdom
      • Genie+ Itineraries: Data-backed, tested, and proven itineraries to help you decide in which order to select specific attractions

      • Play Cards to help you get around the parks painlessly and efficiently while still allowing plenty of room for flexibility

      Module 5: Perfect Room Request Template and Cheatsheet File

      Picture it: You’re spending the money for a Disney resort so that you and your family can be immersed in the magic all day, every day. You want impeccable theming! You want convenience! You want delight!

      Annnnnd then you arrive and find yourself in a room that’s not only overlooking the dumpster, but it’s a 2-mile walk to the nearest bus stop… and you have 2 toddlers in tow.

      Oh noooo. That just won’t do. You’re gonna need the perfect room to go with your perfect vacation, amirite?

      In this module, we’ll show you exactly how to get that perfect room – you’ll even get access to the exact template we use to get our room requests fulfilled almost every time. 

      Tl;dr: don’t get stuck in a sucky room!

      • Resort Cheatsheet File: The best room requests to make for every resort on property. Upgrade, anyone?
      • Room Request Template: Our proven template! Just copy + paste, plug in what you want, and cross your fingers for your perfect room!

      wait! the party doesn’t stop there.

      here are the bonuses we’re throwing in right now:

      Bonus #1:

      Plug & Play Park Planner

      Once you decide on your vacation dates, the next big question is usually, “Now, which days should we go to which parks?” Well, we made it super easy!

      ✔️ Plug ‘n’ Play “Which  Park, Which Day” Spreadsheet: Just enter your desired parks on your desired day of the week and this nifty spreadsheet calculator will tell you if your combo is awesome, hit or miss, or to be avoided if possible.

      ✔️ Come away with your park days scheduled in the most optimal order!

      Bonus #2:

      Transportation Tips & Tricks

      Skyliner, car, bus, boat? – everything you need to know get you from where ya goin’, to where ya wanna be, as efficiently as Disney possible!

      ✔️  Transportation Optimizer – our searchable chart of every transportation option on property will show you how to plan your most effective route, wherever you’re headed. Throw the routes in Notes on your phone, whip ’em out on your trip, and head off on your strategic route!

      Bonus #3:

      Planning Party Toolkit

      This one’s for our organization nerds and super planners. You know who you are!

      ✔️  Daily Planning Worksheet: fill in park hours, priority attractions and snacks, ADRs, and more. Digital or printable!

      ✔️  A Planning Playlist: for real. We have some amazing, curated parks playlist to get you excited (or sentimental AF).

      results our customers are getting:

      The Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle

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      Module #1: How to Beat the Lines
      (Value $97)

      Module #2: Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course
      (Value $22)

      Module #3: Dining Hacks Mini-Course
      (Value $19)

      Module #4: Park Play Cards + Itinerary Bundle
      (Value $19)

      Module #5: Perfect Room Request Template and Swipe File
      (Value $7)

      Bonus #1: Plug and Play Park Planner
      (Value $17)

      BONUS #2 Transportation Optimizer
      (Value $17)

      BONUS #3 Planning Party Toolkit
      (Value $11)


      Total Value = $211

      Today’s Bundled Price = $37

      ♥ 30-day money-back guarantee

       The Details: The Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle to WDW is a one-time purchase that does not renew.

      You’ll have access to the guide and all strategy/touring updates for one year for just $37.


      pink ribbon moneyback guarantee symbol

      We want you to crush your vacation – that’s the magic of our products!

      Our goal: to offer you a system that’s convenient, strategic, and serves as a helpful planning tool for helping you experience attractions and meet and greets at Walt Disney World with minimal wait times.

      Whether you’re an absolute newbie or a total WDW touring pro, we think you’ll be pretty doggone delighted and walk away with some golden knowledge nuggets that give you quite the advantage.

      If you buy the Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle to WDW and for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just shoot us an e-mail within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a full refund. 

      No complicated forms required. No strings attached. Nothing to lose.

      But is the Strategy Bundle a good fit for me?

      The Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle is perfect for you if ANY of the following sound familiar:

      ✔  You want a go-to expert resource to help guide you through all the new strategies needed post-COVID – including the upcoming Genie system

      You’ve ever waited in line for a ride for more than 20 minutes (or think “that’s just what Disney is”)

      You’re a first-time visitor, it’s been a while since your last trip, or you haven’t been back “home” since Walt Disney World reopened

      You’re already a Disney pro, but you love learning new things and discovering fresh strategies to make your trips even better

      You’re overwhelmed by the intense planning process and all of the constant changes 😅

      You’re worried about not having time to check off everything on your list at Disney World

      ✔ You’ve experienced anxiety or fear around missing your most desired experiences since WDW is running a little differently right now

      You’ve been disappointed by not being able to get the dining reservations and FastPasses you had your heart set on in the past

      You love to read expert hacks, templates, lists, and guides to make your trip the best it can be (whether you’re a complete pro or a total beginner)

      You understand opportunity cost – which means getting the most out of every minute and every dollar spent

      ✔ You’re ready for the most efficient and relaxed vacation ever

      ✔ You’re so completely over having 11 browser tabs open trying to find one specific detail, but everything is outdated, vague, and has 13 obnoxious ads for every line of text on the page

      Whether you’re a serious planner or you prefer to be more spontaneous, the Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle to WDW has nonstop tips, hacks, and touring plans to fit your style.

      Your time is valuable, and the one week a year you get to spend ignoring your emails and watching the magic come alive with people you love?

      We’re gonna guess that’s even more priceless.

      But wait —

      can you believe that 98% of Disney World guests don’t even think about optimizing their trip for the shortest wait times and the most efficient routes of navigating each park?

      We don’t want that for you! Winging it didn’t work when things were “normal,” and it definitely won’t work now that so much has changed.

      For less than the cost of a souvenir sweatshirt in the latest must-have color, you’ll get access to proven, expert strategies designed to help you make the most of your Disney vacation.

      Be part of that 2%: save up to 6 hours per day, enjoy your favorite rides, and don’t watch your vacation pass you by while you stand in never-ending lines.

      insider's guide bundle



      …And you can devour the major modules in less than 1 hour.

      Module #1: How to Beat the Lines
      (Value $97)

      Module #2: Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course
      (Value $22)

      Module #3: Dining Hacks Mini-Course
      (Value $19)

      Module #4: Park Play Cards + Itinerary Bundle
      (Value $19)

      Module #5: Perfect Room Request Template and Swipe File
      (Value $7)

      Bonus #1: Plug and Play Park Planner
      (Value $17)

      BONUS #2 Transportation Optimizer
      (Value $17)

      BONUS #3 Planning Party Toolkit
      (Value $11)


      Total Value = $211

      Today’s Bundled Price = $37

      ♥ 30-day money-back guarantee


      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does the Insider’s Playbook work when things seem to be changing so frequently?

      You’ll be covered – anytime Disney makes any changes that could affect best strategies (touring the parks, making dining reservations, the new Genie system, and paid features) – we update the Playbook materials. Your purchase includes 1 year of access and all updates during that time. We got you! You’ll also be placed on our weekly Listletter®, which is like a mini-briefing of news and changes at the parks you’ll receive via e-mail.

      Think how-tos and max efficiency for navigating standby lines, maxing out Genie+ if you choose to use it, touring plans that allow you to get the most Disney for your money, and honest reviews about what to see and what to skip. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Playbook.

      Does this include info on the new Genie system and paid features - and how to strategically use it?

      We’ve got an entire Module dedicated to mastering Genie+ if you’re planning on purchasing it (or are thinking about it). Genie+ does not just grant you a line-skip on every attraction, it requires some skill to use it properly and make sure you get to do the rides you want. 

      Below is what you’ll currently find in our Genie+ Mastery Module:

      HOLD UP, SISTER. No more than 20 minutes waiting in line? This sounds too good to be true!

      Nah, it’s not. Because the majority of people heading to the Disney Parks do not do much prior research (you would be shocked) – most people do not have a plan. At all. And the few people that do plan, don’t do it through data-driven, numbers-based research. Our plans and touring hacks are optimized based on algorithms and numbers – and we’ve condensed it into easy-to-understand terminology for you. Using our standby plans, you shouldn’t have more than a 20-minute max average wait on your park days. And if you’re using Genie+, we’ll teach you how to max it out.

      It's supposed to be busy when I'm going. Will this work during holidays or peak times?

      While the major holidays can definitely see larger crowds, our strategies and tips will always put you ahead of people without them – regardless of how busy it may be on your trip.

      I’ve already booked reservations and laid out the major plans. Or our trip is kinda soon. Can this still help?

      YES! The Insider’s Guide works for anyone heading to the parks, regardless of how prepared (or underprepared!) you are. Some of the best tips and tricks in the guide go into heavy detail of exactly what you should be doing IN the parks to optimize your touring. Our strategies and plans for exactly how to beat some of those seemingly unavoidable standby lines will…well, help you avoid them and ride only when the waits are 20-30 minutes MAX.

      We’ll even teach you how to grab a dining reservation you didn’t get, move one around, etc.

      Therefore, anyone heading to the parks will find value in the guide (so yes – we recommend even if you’ve planned out your trip to a tee).

      I’ve been to Disney World like, a gazillion times. I'm a planning perfectionista! OR I’m a Florida resident/Annual Passholder/Disney Vacation Club member. You get it. Will this teach me anything new?

      Why yes, we think it will! While we think beginner-to-intermediate Dis-goers will get the absolute most out of Insider’s Playbook, seasoned Disney pros love it, too! We get a ton of positive feedback from Florida residents, Annual Passholders, and DVC members who write in saying things like Danielle Z. from Orlando: “Ok, I’ve been to Disney like a gazillion times but I had to buy your planner. I knew a lot but it also gave me a lot of good hacks and insight I didn’t know…so you still saved me way more than the $25 I paid. Also, it’s nice that it’s so organized.”

      And if for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. With 20,000+ annual readers and a 98% satisfaction rate, we think the chances of you learning something new are pretty dang good.

      How long will it take me to get through this information? I don’t have a lot of spare time (or I'm leaving soon! Or I'm on vacation now! Ahhhh!)

      We hear you! Most people will be able to get through all of the content in about 1-2 hours (may we suggest pouring a glass of wine?).

      Even if you’re already on vacation and you only have 20 minutes to spare, you can absolutely watch the most critical, impactful videos in that amount of time and start beating those lines.

      If you prefer to break the content into 10 – 20-minute sessions over the course of a few days, that works, too! It’s totally up to you. We specifically designed each module to be efficient, easy, and actionable. Don’t worry, this won’t feel like an exhausting college course!

      I'm traveling with (pick what fits): tons of kids/adults only/special needs/a huge group/a grumpy spouse/locals/an entourage/my ladies/a KitKat in my back pocket - will this work for ME?

      Yes! The Insider’s Guide strategies work for anyone heading to Disney – crowds don’t discriminate. Bonus for those of you traveling with little ones: it’s way easier to tour and beat the lines with our specific “Young Kids” plans.

      Once I purchase, what happens?

      All Modules and content for the Insider’s Guide are on a private members-only website that you’ll have a login/password for. You’ll receive instructions on how to create your account and get started immediately after purchasing.

      We do keep all content in one place so that whenever Disney makes a major change, we can immediately update the website.

      When should I purchase?

      Your purchase gives you access and continued updates to all content and Modules on the private website for one year. If you’re only going on a trip once in a 365 period, you’ll just want to make sure you’re within that time frame.

      While you could purchase last minute or even on vacation and still get the full value, we do recommend purchasing as early as you can. There’s a LOT of tools and guidance to help you with all planning from dining to transportation, room requests and more. Many people find the planning process exciting and like to purchase 6+ months in advance. Go for it!

      Can’t I find this information for free using Google?

      First, you can’t Google questions you don’t even know to ask! The truth is, you can find a lot of Disney information on the internet. But not all if it is current. Not all of it is good. And the majority is based on people and their love or frequency of going to the parks – but not data and numbers. This is what matters to save you time in lines. And it’s most definitely not all in one awesome, organized place.  Part of our charm? The Insider’s Guide will pay itself back in both time and money saved before you’re even on your trip. And then each second you’re there.

      Will this work for Disneyland in California?

      Nope, sorry! The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW is currently only good for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

      Our Insider’s Guide to Disneyland will be published in 2022.

      Won’t these strategies stop working if everyone uses them?

      That’s a great question! The key word here is “everyone.” Walt Disney World gets an average of 60+ million visitors to all four parks each year. In comparison, our community is much smaller and more intimate. If 20,000 people buy the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) each year, that’s only 0.0003% of total visitors. As you can see, the actual number of people using these strategies is pretty tiny!

      The Insider’s Strategy Bundle to WDW has helped thousands of people just like you minimize stress, have more fun, spend less time waiting in line, and max out their vacation experience.

      insider's guide bundle

      ♥ 30-day money-back guarantee



      Struggle through the planning process, feel frustrated and overwhelmed, and possibly miss out on some of the fun stuff you wanted to see and do.

      Then spend most of your vacation waiting in line, refereeing squabbles between your kids, grumbling at your spouse, wishing you had just got the playbook and done some research, walk 300 miles, spend a ton of money, and arrive at home feeling even more weary than when you left.



      Get the Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle to WDW.

      Watch the video tutorials, read the PDF guides, and save the Play Cards and Checklists. Sit back. Relax. Become a Disney pro.

      Know EXACTLY what to expect when it comes to crushing it in the parks, zipping around on transportation, getting that Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance, and knowing exactly when to grab that character dining ADR that you had missed.

      Have fun planning your trip with your family or friends. Pick the perfect resort – and get the perfect room request.

      Stuff yourself with only the best snacks.

      Never wait in lines longer than an average of 20 minutes the entire trip.

      Watch your kids’ eyes light up. Laugh and hold hands with your partner. Feel your heart grow three sizes watching the nighttime fireworks.

      Come home feeling relaxed, happy, fulfilled, and closer to the ones you love.

      Ready to see how the bundle can pay for itself and truly even save you money!? Let’s do the math.

      And we’re talking opportunity cost here because A. we love economics and rationalism here at Wish Upon a Planner and B. it’s something you really should be thinking about for a Disney trip.

      If you’re in the parks for around 8 hours each day, the average cost per person, per hour of your park visit is $14 (that’s NOT including resort or food costs -gah!):

      $112 per day per person ÷ 8 = $14/hr per person

      Say you’re a group of  3 -> that means your theme park time is costing you $42 per hour.

      This means you only need one nugget of wisdom to save you 36 minutes in a queue for the course to pay itself back in your vacation time (spoiler alert: we’re going to save you way more time than that, and give you #nuggetsfordays)

      But let’s play out how it really goes:

      The strategies in the Insider’s Bundle will save you at least three hours per day, so let’s crunch the numbers for 3 people:

      • 3 hours per day, for a 5-day trip = 15 hours total saved (minimum)
      • 15 hours saved x the $42/hour cost of a Disney parks day = $630
      • Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle = $37
      wait time for Splash Mountain showing 50 minutes

      Pay $37 to save 15+ hours and the equivalent of $630+ of your time?


      As you can see, the Insider’s Bundle is a teeny investment that’ll more than pay for itself on the first day of your trip.

      You’re probably spending hundreds — if not thousands — on your Disney vacation.

      Let us help you plan your trip, skip the lines, save time and money, and revel in your most magical visit ever.

      The Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle

      insider's guide bundle

      Module #1: How to Beat the Lines
      (Value $97)

      Module #2: Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course
      (Value $22)

      Module #3: Dining Hacks Mini-Course
      (Value $19)

      Module #4: Park Play Cards + Itinerary Bundle
      (Value $19)

      Module #5: Perfect Room Request Template and Swipe File
      (Value $7)

      Bonus #1: Plug and Play Park Planner
      (Value $17)

      BONUS #2 Transportation Optimizer
      (Value $17)

      BONUS #3 Planning Party Toolkit
      (Value $11)


      Total Value = $211

      Today’s Bundled Price = $37

      ♥ 30-day money-back guarantee

       The Details: The Insider’s Digital Strategy Bundle to WDW is a one-time purchase that does not renew.

      You’ll have private access to the strategy site for one year for just $37. During that time, you’ll receive each and every update plus any new material we add to the site.