TA coaching

Please read and agree to all details/policies before subscribing to this tier.


First, I’m thrilled you’re interested in working together!

After quitting my RN job and building a six-figure Disney business in less than a year, many women resonate with my story – particularly TAs who want to start a side hustle, go full-time with their TA business, or increase their income.

Unfortunately, I do see a lot of the things TAs are doing wrong – which usually is from a lack of understanding of digital marketing.


Second, please note that this (Patreon) subscription price is super low because it is limited in how we work together. My normal monthly business coaching rates start at $997+/month (and I am currently not taking on new clients).

Your monthly charge includes ONLY the responsive Loom video recording from me – which is limited to 10 minutes. This monthly business and marketing strategy allows you to send me an e-mail with your current business/marketing ideas and progress, and ask me 1-3 questions (or request feedback). This can be anything, including but not limited to:

  • Content/social media strategy
  • Ideas for services, niches, product, or programs to offer
  • How to funnel leads and traffic
  • Strategic visual branding and design (new or makeover of your current websites/platforms to increase conversion rates)
  • Facebook/IG ads strategy
  • Email and sales funnels
  • Best practices for communicating with clients

You will receive a video and screen recording of me answering your questions in detail, and directing you to any relevant information you may need.

Questions must be concise and clear, and able to be answered in the max video recording allowance of 10 minutes. I speak fast and don’t leave out any juicy details, so no worries there!


Must-Knows: What You Are Agreeing To

To keep this rate so low, I cannot respond with additional follow-up questions after sending your video coaching recording. You’ll need to explore and implement the topics alone. Any advice and consulting I give you in the recording are it until the next month. If you send emails/PMs/DMs with additional questions, you will be billed an invoice via PayPal at the rate of $150/hr (my normal consulting fee).

In your monthly recordings, I will give you plenty of unique marketing ideas and feedback. I think you will find it well worth it vs. paying my normal coaching/consulting rates. Most TAs don’t come with a digital marketing background, which is what I do. I’ve connected with so many of you looking for advice on this topic, and I want to see you succeed. This “Me Hearties” Patreon Tier allows an affordable range for that!

Occasionally, I will offer content and tools/resources for those of you TAs that join – so look for that in the Patreon page.

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to email me at ali@wishuponaplanner.com